Fall Festival,Pick Your Own Pumpkin Patch, Corn Maze, and wagon rides at Frosty's Forest. Our Story

Our family began growing Christmas trees in Oregon at the foothills of Mount Hood and Cascade Range in the early 1980s. Growing up, Karen and Christy, worked on the family farm growing strawberries and raising cattle along with their 2 sisters and only brother.

The family farm slowly transitioned to Christmas trees as the demand for plantation grown trees boomed in the early 80’s. Karen & Christy, along with their siblings, expanded and planted their own Christmas trees while raising their families.

In the early 90’s Karen found herself a newly single parent with no real income except the small amount from the trees she was growing. Her sister, who also had 3 kids and was a stay at home mom came up with the idea to head to Southern California to sell Christmas trees. With not a lot of money or business sense and a lot of courage and determination to make it on their own, the sisters began what has now become a 20 year legacy in Southern California. The next year in California they added pumpkins.

They have been in Orange County long enough that they have seen not only their own children grow up as well as employed many of the local High School kids and now see them returning to the Christmas Tree lot and Pumpkin patch with their families and children. The relationships that have developed over these 20 plus years have created memories that will not be forgotten.

Since the mid 90’s our Wholesale Tree Market has grown to supply all of our trees to our lots and many other lots in California as well as other parts of the world.

Thank so much to all of our loyal costumers!

Karen and Christy
The Sisters of Frosty's Forest