Sustainable Agriculture

At Frosty's Forest, we realize that many of our guests have not had reason to think much about land use or how to preserve the land’s productivity for future generations. So we just want to say a few words about how important it is to us—and, in our opinion—to you and your family.

We respect the land, and we do everything we can to maintain it for future generations. That means that we manage the crops and plants that are grown here and on our tree farm, doing our best to maintain the minerals and bio-structure, so that it will continue to yield great crops.

We avoid things that might poison the soil, and when and if chemicals are required to protect the crops, they are selected carefully, and used wisely and sparingly.

For our farm, “sustainable” is much more than a buzz word in a world that is at last becoming more eco-friendly, sustainable is simply a way of life. We hope you will do your part too!

Closing the Maze for the Season

What happens to the corn maze when we close for the fall season? Our a-maize-ing corn gets mulched up into smaller pieces and stored over the year. When it's ready it can be fed as a delicious meal to local cattle! Mmmm Mmm!